蘇州亞諾天下儀器有限公司是一家專業研究、開發、設計、制造、銷售各類精密品管檢測儀器的高科技企業。公司產品有:無轉子硫化儀、門尼粘度計、電壓擊穿試驗儀、橡膠耐磨測試儀、橡膠拉力機、橡膠回彈測試儀、平板硫化機、橡膠老化試驗箱、密度計等橡膠成套物性測試設備。產品符合ASTM、JIS、GB、DIN、CNS、ANSI、IEC、VDE等多國標準相對應的技術參數,在產品性價比上力爭**,以達到適合不同規模的企業選用。陸續在北京、上海、杭州、武漢、東莞、廈門、莆田等設立售后服務處和辦事機構,為用戶提供優良的產品售后服務,深得客戶信賴。公司將秉持YANUO WORLD一貫的專業精神和質量,恪守以質量為本,以服務為經營之理念,一如既往地為新老客戶,提供專業的品管檢測設備。





Suzhou yanuotianxia Instrument Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in research, development, design, manufacturing and sales of all kinds of precision quality control and testing instruments. The company's products include: rotor free vulcanizer, Mooney viscometer, voltage breakdown tester, rubber wear tester, rubber tension machine, rubber rebound tester, flat vulcanizer, rubber aging test box, densitometer and other complete sets of rubber physical property test equipment. The products meet the technical parameters corresponding to ASTM, JIS, GB, DIN, CNS, ANSI, IEC, VDE and other multinational standards, and strive to be perfect in terms of product cost performance, so as to be suitable for enterprises of different sizes. After sales service offices and offices have been set up in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Dongguan, Xiamen and Putian to provide users with excellent product after-sales service and win the trust of customers. The company will adhere to Yanuo world's consistent professionalism and quality, abide by the quality-oriented and service-oriented business philosophy, and continue to provide professional quality control and testing equipment for new and old customers.

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